Accumulation programmes


The universities are obliged to offer accumulation programmes to HBO students to enable them to take academic Master's programmes upon completion of their HBO programmes. These accumulation programmes help to bring students up to speed in subjects they have trouble with, in order to boost academic success. University students who wish to take a Master's programme in a different field to their Bachelor's programme often make use of accumulation programmes.


The universities only receive limited funding for students taking accumulation programmes. For accumulation programmes of 60 ECTS, the universities can charge students a maximum of only 1x the statutory tuition fees. In many cases, this new regulation does not cover the cost of the programme, which endangers the future of accumulation programmes. In practice, the universities are handling this issue in different ways. Some universities want to keep the accumulation programmes and put money aside to fund them (at the expense of regular education) and others either adjust or phase out the accumulation programmes.


The VSNU is going to hold talks with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science to see what can be done about this. It must continue to be possible to accumulate diplomas and advance to a higher level of education. This requires close cooperation between research universities and universities of applied sciences with respect to accumulation programmes, transfer minors and academic routes within HBO Bachelor's programmes, among other things. It also requires public investment. To the VSNU, it is incomprehensible that the government does not fund accumulation programmes, whilst simultaneously praising these programmes and maximising tuition fees for them.

Last updated on 18-01-2016