Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities

Collective Labour Agreement

The VSNU is the Employers' organisation for the Dutch universities and as such is responsible for the Collective Labour Agreement for its staff. 

Collective Labour Agreement

Non-statutory Unemployment Regulation of the Dutch Universities 


Sickness and Disability scheme for the Dutch Universities



Here, you will find the archive of the "Collective Labour Agreement for the Dutch Universities" and the "social security"archive from 1997 onwards. 


Working Conditions Catalogue

Following consultations, the VSNU and the employee organisations have decided to develop a Working Conditions Catalogue themselves. The Working Conditions Act (Arbo wet) gives both employers and employees the opportunity to establish their own Working Conditions Catalogue. This gives employers and employees greater influence over the Labour Inspectorate's enforcement policy.

Working conditions catalogue


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University job profiles

Under the university job classification system (UFO), all Dutch university employees are assigned a job profile (a brief description of their job) and a corresponding job level. The UFO provides the framework for assigning a job description and corresponding job level to every Dutch university employee.

Functie profielen