Institutional tuition fees


If students do not meet all of the conditions relating to the statutory tuition fees, then they must pay the institutional tuition fees instead of the statutory tuition fees. The reason for this is that the universities receive no government funding for these students. The amount of the institutional tuition fees must be at least equal to the statutory tuition fees and is set by the individual universities themselves. Institutional tuition fees therefore differ from institution to institution, and can even differ from programme to programme within a single institution. The representative advisory bodies and the university councils have the right to prior consultation regarding institutional policy in this matter.

Amount of institutional tuition fees
There is a great deal of variety in institutional tuition fees. The maximum fees are predominantly charged in the fields of healthcare, agriculture and technology, and to a lesser extent in behaviour & society, law, and language & culture. This can be explained by the fact that these programmes generally involve higher costs.

The minimum amount that institutions charge for institutional tuition fees is the amount of the statutory tuition fees (€ 1.951) . Maximum fees also apply, varying from €7,747 to €32,000 per year.

Last updated on 08-02-2016