VSNU represents the universities to the government, parliament, and governmental and civic organisations. Alongside that, the VSNU is an employers' organisation, which holds consultations with government and labour unions regarding employment conditions in the university sector. Our work is divided in 7 focus areas.


49.000 people work at the Dutch universities.

Dutch research is among the best in the world. The Netherlands are in the top 5. How do we stay upright between Top Sectors and EU subsidies?

More and more students, more and more success. A highly educated workforce leads to economic growth. VSNU is working on an ambitious academic culture and on improving academic excellence.

The Dutch universities strive for autonomy. Clear rules and a stable funding is a precondition.

Universities operate with public money. They show what they do with it and how they work. The VSNU helps universities to public accountability.

International affairs is part of all the activities of the universities and VSNU. VSNU works on the best possible positioning of Dutch universities worldwide.

Representing the Dutch universities towards politics and media. VSNU works with partners to connect universities with society by facilitating debate, press releases, factsheets for example.