Enrolment in Bachelorsprogrammes: situation after first year of study


The VSNU uses the standard cohort of vocational education students, the so-called: “vwo-leerlingen”, as the standard for looking at the stay rate of first-year students.  The reason for his standard cohort that it is the largest group of first-year bachelor students at all research universities.


With data the dataset 1cijferHO, VSNU can tell if students are still enrolled at research university, possibly in the same educational programme or if they chose another programme, maybe at a university of applied sciences or even: stop with studying in the Dutch higher education system at all (maybe because of enrolment in a programme outside the Netherlands).


The visual shows the following categories:


  • re-enrolment at the same programme at the same university as where started;
  • enrolment at a different university and/or a different educational programme;
  • enrolment at a university of applied science;
  • no enrolment in the (Dutch) higher education system (the student is no longer part of the data enrolled students in higher education).