Conference internationalization Quality and Inclusivity

We would like to warmly extend an invitation to you for the conference on internationalization that is organized by the Association of Universities and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The conference takes place on Monday afternoon, November 19th and starts at 12.30 hours. 


The societal and political debate on the internationalization of higher education reached a peak during the last year. In the spring, both the Association of Universities and the Education Minister published their agendas on the issue. Quality and inclusivity are at the core of both agendas and the ambition is clear: internationalization that further improves the quality of education and reaches out to all students.


With this conference, the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Association of Universities want to take the lead in realising this ambition. During the conference experts of various universities share their experience and knowledge. 


Location: Erasmus Paviljoen, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.
Goals: Sharing and deepening knowledge about prominent aspects of internationalization. 
Target group: all who deal with internationalization at and around universities, be they teachers, program directors, (international) students or policy advisors. 
Language: The plenary sessions are in English. Breakout sessions will be in English when non-Dutch speaking visitors are present. 



12.30 – 13.30     Walk-in with lunch
13.30 – 13.50     Plenary session with a keynote by EUR-president Kristel Baele
13.50 – 14.40     First Round of breakout sessions
14.40 – 15.00     Break
15.00 – 15.55    Second round of breakout sessions
15.55 – 16.45    Plenary wrap-up: panel discussion with Kristel Baele, Jeanine Gregersen-Hermans         and Nina de Winter.
From 16.45       Drinks and networking


Content of breakout sessions
The breakout sessions will focus on four themes. Each session starts with inspiring presentations and is followed by a discussion which focusses on the lessons learned and possible new initiatives.
Below you can find a list of the speakers per theme. The exact programme per session and more speakers will be announced later.


Theme 1: Widening participation in internationalization and outgoing mobility
Presentations by:
- prof. dr. Semiha Denktas (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
- prof. dr. Marijk van der Wende (Utrecht University)


Theme 2: The added value of the international classroom and outgoing mobility
Presentations by:
- dr. Jeanine Gregersen-Hermans (Glasgow Caledonian University)
- prof. dr. Jeroen Jansz (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
- drs. Jeroen Verplanke (Twente University)
- Adrie Meijdam MA (Erasmus University Rotterdam)


Theme 3: Retaining international talent
Presentations by:
- Yvonne Jordens (University of Groningen) and Michiel Kasteleijn (International Welcome Center North
- Maastricht University
- Erasmus University Rotterdam


Theme 4: Towards a true international community
Presentations by:
- Iris van Noort (Landelijke Kamer van Verenigingen) and Daan Ten Haaf (Student Union Circumflex)
- Erik de Jong (Eindhoven University of Technology)  
- Joshua Wambugu (Wageningen University)
- Katharina Ertman (TU Delft)
- Aleid Barmentlo (Erasmus University Rotterdam)



Please register here. You can make your choice for one of the breakout sessions at the conference. No fee is charged for attendence. If you are unable to attend after all, please let us know before November 14th by sending an email to