Number of registered students

The total number of students registered at universities has risen once again. On 1 October 2017, there were 276,713 students registered for a Bachelor's or Master's programme, an increase of 4.5%. This is a record high. It is also a figure that (again) exceeds the expectations of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science based on the 2016 Reference Forecast (Referentieraming 2016 pdf, in Dutch).

The 'dip' in 2012 (see graph above) was caused by a rapid outflow resulting from the proposed introduction of increased statutory tuition fees for long-term students. This would have constituted a fine for students who take longer than six years to graduate, and motivated many students to quickly complete their studies. In the end, this proposal was not implemented.


Dutch higher-education programmes are divided into HOOP: a grouping of similar studies. Not all HOOP are equally attractive to prospective students. Behaviour and Society is the most popular HOOP in terms of numbers of registered students.
The Cross-Sector HOOP is predominantly comprised of University Colleges (5,627 of the in total 9,295 registered students in the year 2016/17), and broad programs who cannot be assigned to one of the other HOOP.



Last updated on 01-02-2018