Trends in research output


Research Output is the whole of publications and public appearences from academic mployees at universities. Researchoutput is therefor more than only scientific publications. The research output of Dutch universities encompasses more than just academic publications. Although of course Dutch researchers publish in academic journals, they also contribute to professional journals, a wide variety of magazines and appear in the media.

Reliable data is not available on all types of research output, however, and it is for this reason that only academic publications are shown, as well as a special type of academic publication, i.e. dissertations (PhD theses) and refereed academic articles.
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Dissertations constitute a separate category of academic publications, and are also used to measure the number of doctorate conferrals at Dutch universities. The number of dissertations accepted since 2000 doubled. What is striking is that the number of dissertations differs significantly from the number of doctorate conferrals. This is due to the fact that over 50% of people pursuing a doctorate are not employed by Dutch universities (as PhD students), but are nevertheless supervised by professors and senior university lecturers during their PhD.
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Last updated on 27-11-2020