U-Multirank was introduced by the European Commission in 2014 in response to the various global rankings (QS, THE, ARWU, etc.). Instead of publishing one list, the user can select the indicators. This means U-Multirank is user driven. U-Multirank therefore produces several lists, rather than one list only. The result is also always presented in ranked groups, within which no further ranking is applied. In this respect this ranking system clearly distinguishes itself from others.

Click here to go to the U-Multirank website, with the option to create a list of rankings on the basis of specific indicators.

All Dutch universities take part in U-Multirank, with the exception of Utrecht University, the University of Amsterdam and Leiden University. These universities are not visible in the user-driven rankings, because they do not supply certain indicators. These universities do occur in the pre-defined rankings, which are based on publicly available information.

Last updated on 16-02-2016