Governance & Accountability

General Agreement & performance agreements

By the end of 2016, the performance agreement came to an end. This experiment originates from the 2011 General Agreement between VSNU and the Ministry of Education (OCW), whereby agreements were made about the performance universities had to deliver. The targets of these agreements were met. By 2017, further consideration will be given on how to shape the future agreements.

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Participation in decision-making

Cooperation between internal supervision and management is of great importance for the functioning of the higher education system. In various ways, universities stimulate student and employee involvement in decision making within the institution.

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Manage long term contracts

 The VSNU manages several long-term contracts on behalf of the universities: Reader regulations, MJA-3 and copyright.



Information agreement

 To prevent multiple intervening policy studies and to reduce administrative burden, VSNU, together with Vereniging Hogescholen, signs an information agreement with OCW and the Inspectorate of Education. The objective is  to align policy studies conducted on behalf of the Ministry and the Inspectorate in the higher education sector.

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Public-private cooperation

In order to develop knowledge and apply this knowledge for purposes of product development, universities and the private sector need one another. Universities have set up a number of guidelines to make sure this cooperation can be effective and ethical.

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