Information Agreement

Higher education is a popular object of study. Every year a large number of organizations carry out policy research whereby cooperation of universities is requested. This is partly because studies require the cooperation of university staff, and partly because the studies make recommendations that concern the universities or aspects of the universities.

The VSNU has drawn the minister's attention to the administrative burden experienced by universities and agreements have been reached about reducing those costs. The VSNU annually concludes an Information Agreement with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, listing all the studies in which the universities will cooperate. . The VSNU will continue to monitor the number of studies in the work programmes of the consultancy organisations and research agencies in order to limit the burden on universities.

It has also been agreed on that all involved parties jointly try to construct an image of all the current studies involved in the higher education system of the Netherlands. To this end, a list of other studies is drawn up on the basis of the work programs of relevant research institutions. This list will be updated and published half-yearly so that third parties also have insight into ongoing research. This support the reuse of earlier study results and prevents the occurrence of repetitive research.

The Information Appointment 2017 and an overview of the investigations in 2017, can be downloaded on the right side of this page (Dutch only).