International experiences are important for Dutch students

The work environment for university graduates has become increasingly international. This requires a different set of skills. When Dutch students go abroad, they encounter different cultures, improve their English proficiency, and strengthen their international network. Another way to obtain international experiences is through the international classroom.That way, students get in touch with international students in their own university in ther Netherlands. This, too, allows them to improve their English proficiency, strengthen their international network, and develop intercultural skills. An increasing number of universities is developing internationalisation programmes within the current curriculum of study programmes. This way, they encourage students to have an international component tot heir studies.


Mobility through the Erasmus+ programme


The Erasmus+ programme within the European Union encourages student exchange between universities in Europe. It allows students to spend some time abroad without much hassle. At the same time, incoming students from the exchange programme help create an international classroom, which Dutch students also benefit from. Thereby, the programme also enhances the study experience for Dutch students who do not go abroad. The Dutch universities and student organisations together advocate a further strengthening of the programme, since this will allow more students to benefit from it.