Sector overview

As part of the Sector Agreement, it was agreed with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in 2018 that the VSNU will present a sector dashboard aimed at increasing data transparency and accessibility. This overview contains a clear representation of the key figures for all universities. Sector overviews have been created for the themes of EducationResearch and ValorisationPersonnel and Funds (Dutch only). 
The first step in developing the sector overviews involved making an analysis of all the data available on universities. This analysis resulted in a list of more than one thousand indicators. Next, the list was discussed by theme in Data Labs with experts, customers and data suppliers. The selection criteria included the availability of data for all institutions, unambiguous definitions and refreshing data annually. This process yielded a more limited set of data, which are shown in the sector overviews.


The sector overview contains data which are usually publicly available or are collected by the VSNU. We will continue to develop the overviews. Any suggestions for improvement are always welcome.