Johan Huysse

Johan Huysse (b. 1960) studied law in Rotterdam and has worked at the HR departments of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Tilburg University and Leiden University. At the VSNU, Johan is involved with collective labour agreement negotiations and other HR-related matters. He explores topics such as how participation in decision-making at universities can be made more effective and representative.

To this end, he organises work conferences and monitors the universities’ various pilot projects. Johan additionally works to remove obstacles for talented foreign researchers who wish to come to the Netherlands.

He also advises on the university job classification system, which places a key focus on employee development and future career prospects. This is in contrast to the old job ranking system, which was considerably more static. Alongside his work for the VSNU, Johan serves as board member of the Friends of the Haagse Wetswinkel.

Johan Huysse
Johan Huysse
Policy Advisor

Phone: 06 52 13 48 06