The Campus: Where University and City meet


1st June 2016

Is the European campus a key asset in the global ‘battle for the brains’? This was just one of the fascinating questions that was discussed during the VSNU-seminar ‘The Campus: where University and City meet’ on May 25th.


In Brussels, representatives from universities, science parks, and regions in the EU came together to reflect on the campus. The seminar was held in association with the Presidency of the Council of the European Union by the Netherlands.


Research about the campus

Dr. ir. Alexandra den Heijer , associate professor at Delft University of Technology, discussed how the location of a campus and its link to the inner city are vital for attracting students. In her research, she has found that keeping on heritage buildings might seem costly. But, as users are willing to adept to the building, intensifying its use can actually prove to be a viable solution.


Live Baltic Campus project
Ms. Päivi Keränen, project manager of the Live Baltic Campus project, showed three cases of campus development within the project. From these cases, it became clear that collaboration between city and university can take shape in different ways; some more intensive than others.


Campus development in NL
Lastly, Mr. Henri Lenferink, mayor of the city of Leiden, offered an overview of campus development over the last decades in the Netherlands. Campuses actually performed quite well during the economic crisis; further proof that we should invest in the knowledge economy. The three speakers offered three different and though-provoking insights into the campus and its future, with key points being cooperation by different stakeholders and careful consideration of the value of the European campus today.


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